Dalia or Lentils semisolid soup
    Broken wheat 50- 60gm
    Green Gram lentils 30-40 gm
    Fenugreek seeds 12.5 gm
    Cumin 2-3 gm
    Black Pepper 2gm
    Water 250ml
    Salt to taste
    Method: Soak fenugreek seeds and broken wheat overnight, In morning heat oil, fry wheat and green gram lentils till golden brown add fenugreek seeds and water and cooked till soft and semisolid, add salt to taste and serve hot.

    4) Indian Parattah  
    Wheat flour 60gm
    Besan (Cheek peas Flour) 30-40gm
    Olive oil-10gm
    Fenugreek seed powder-12.5 gm
    Salt –to taste
    Method: - Add flour and salt and fenugreek powder and make dough. Divided in to three balls and cooked on hot plate both side.

    5-Vegetable Omelette
    Besan- 60gm
    Green chilli-3-5in number
    Mustered 4 pinch
    Fenugreek seed- 12.5
    Salt-to taste
    Water 60ml
    Method:-Mixed all ingredients except oil add water and mix. Put on hot plate spared oil and spread mixture and cooked both side.

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