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Organic Trikatu Pow 100gm

Product code : YA12052206541125

Product type : powder

Pack size : 100 gm

Price : $9.95

Description :

 Trikatu means the three herbs are having Katu Rasa(Bitter taste).This combinations are beneficial for the metabolism of the body. Shunthi(Ginger) called Vishyabhaishjya it menes medicine of world .it promote digestion . Black pepper (Marich) removes toxin from body. Pippali is well known immune modulator and rejuvenating on digestive and respiratory system. Trikatu is used mainly to control conditions in which kapha or ama obstructs Vata. This is a totally herbal combination without any side effect. Take 3-6gm of powder with warm water or Honey twice daily.

  • Trikatu helps in all types of discomforts involving respiratory system including asthma and any type of cough
  • Trikatu ignites digestive fire.
  • Trikatu helps in managing diabetes mellitus.
  • Trikatu removes extra fat from the body so useful in managing obesity and their complication
  • Trikatu rejuvenates the skin so helps in the skin diseases.

Ingredients: Shunthi(Zingiber officinale) Maricha (Piper nigrum) Pippali (Piper longum)