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Yoga & Meditation

I (Denzil Furnell ) highly recommends Dr.Santosh Yadav as a Yoga Teacher. Dr. Yadav is very knowledgeable in this area and has an excellent ability to teach all types of Asana and Pranayama (breathing exercise) for all abilities .For the past 3 years, I regularly attended his weekend yoga classes which provided me with the tools to cope with high levels of stress, pain and show me effective ways to move my body correctly. View full story

  Written by  Denzil

Testimonial of your excellent service :

Dr. Santosh is a fantastic  practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine. Always after treatment including rejuvenating massage with high quality oils imported from India I felt great. Santosh is a knowledgeable , highly skilled and compassionate doctor and I highly recommend him. View full story

  Written by  Anthony Watkins

Breathing problem,Shoulder Pain and Over Weight

On the 11/6/14 I went to see Dr. Santosh I had problems breathing and was also suffering from sore shoulders. He suggested that I loose weight by cutting down carbs and introducing turmeric powder and chick peas into my diet and he also gave me ayurvedic medicine/treatments /message .I also started doing the 5:2 diet. When I first saw Dr. Santosh,I weighed 80.6kg. Two months later, I now weight 69.2kg also my cholestrol and Triglycerides com.. View full story

  Written by  Giavanni Rico

Fibromyalgia and Erosive Inflammortry Arthritis

Since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Erosive Inflammortry Arthritis I have experienced many days and nights of anguishing pain and fatigue. The disease at times left me feeling beaten that I often could not see how depressed and defeated I was. I made the conscious descision to try alternative medicine and on a referral from a friend I visited Dr Santosh.   Dr Santosh is inspiring with his knowledge and wisdom, he understands me as .. View full story

  Written by  N.Halladay

14 day Panchakarma treatment / (BIO- CLEANSING MEASURES) / Detox Treatment

Dear Dr Santosh, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Neeta for the amazing detox program that you offer.This wonderful 14 day program cleanses your body from the inside out. I have found that I feel healthier, have more energy, sleep better, have smoother, softer skin and have lost 5.5 kgs!I encourage anyone who wants to be and feel healthy to do this program.Thank you again, Sincerely, Natalie Pethes View full story

  Written by  Natalie
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