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  • By Dr Santosh Yadav,BAMS


Ingredients, Uses, Dose and Side Effects

Best and safe Herbal Ayurvedic Medicne for the Stress ,Anxiety,Nervine Wekness ,Muscular Dystrophy and Erectile Dusfynction


Aswagandharishtam is widely used ayurvedic medicine for general body ache, muscular weakness and impotency. It has aphrodisiac and rejuvenation properties so very helpful for old age people. Aswagandharishtam is made of Indian ginseng as a main ingredient, which is highly efficacious for imparting vitality and strength inside the body. Moreover, Aswagandharishtam is nervine tonic and nurtures the all systems of the body. It has its good calming impact on the mind as well.

Main Ingredients:

Withania somnifera or winter cherry is main ingredient in Aswagandharishtam. It is also known as Indian ginseng because it has similar effects as panax ginseng has. Besides Indian ginseng, it has other important ingredients such as asparagus adscendens, rubia cordifolia, terminalia chebula, berberis aristata, licorice, pueraria tuberose and terminalia arjuna.

Pharmacological action of Aswagandharishtam:

Pharmacological action of Aswagandharishtam is mainly due to its nutritious herbs such as Indian ginseng, asparagus adscendens, rubia cordifolia, licorice, pueraria tuberose and terminalia arjuna. These herbs aid to pacify vata humor as per ayurveda. Mainly Vata is related to nervous system of the body. Therefore, Aswagandharishtam is a complete natural nervine tonic.

Aswagandharishtam has active principle mainly derived from Withania somnifera during process of fermentation. That active substance is withanoid, which are responsible for pain relieving, strengthening and calming effects. It also acts as anti-inflammatory so it used is widely used in arthritis. However, it has its great impact on osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis.

Aswagandharishtam contains berberis aristata, which has anti-hemorrhagic action so Aswagandharishtam is beneficial in piles too.

Aswagandharishtam is rich in vitamins and essential nutrients that make it perfect body and mental tonic for maintaining overall health. Aswagandharishtam consists of herbs that have potent muscle strengthening action. It also provides strength to penile musculature and aids in erectile dysfunction and impotency. Due to strengthening impact, it is also used in emaciation, muscular atrophy and neuropathies.

Uses and indications:

  1. General weakness
  2. Memory loss
  3. Epilepsy
  4. Emaciation
  5. Nervine weakness
  6. Impotency
  7. Erectile dysfunction
  8. Vertigo and dizziness
  9. Osteoarthritis
  10. Rheumatoid arthritis
  11. Hysteria
  12. Loss of libido
  13. Piles
  14. Muscular atrophy

Aswagandharishtam dosage:
10 to 15  ml. one or two times a day with equal water  after food.

Side effects and precautions:

Aswagandharishtam is not given in case of diabetes mellitus due to jaggary content. It can cause abdominal irritation if used in excess amount i.e. more than 100 ml per day.


  1. Ras tantra saar avum sidh prayog sangreh
  2. Ayurveda saar sangreh
  3. Bhaishajya Ratnavali

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